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Welcome to SweetLuck.com, one of the fastest growing free dating sites for singles. We provide the latest in cutting edge dating communication, including chat rooms, forums, matchmaking, hook-ups and so much more. Our members love us because of our unique approach to online dating. Our unique matching system is “designed to replicate online chemistry in an offline world, making it a less frustrating experience” for singles. We like making free dating as easy as possible. Here are the few simple rules: We will never charge you a penny for any of our free dating services, so put your credit cards away because we are serious about being the best free dating site for singles. You must be 18 years or older to join our free dating site.

Our Unpretentious Promise

We are not going to try to insult your intelligence by claiming that we possess some magical or scientific formula for finding you love or friendship. Frankly, we believe that love and relationships are all about chemistry and energy, it can't be duplicated in a laboratory. What we will tell you though is that we have come up with a very exciting and unique way of pairing you up with people who you will definitely click with. You are going to absolutely love us for designing such a cool and novel idea. Our unique matchmaking system it’s designed to maximize your chances of finding lifetime friends and romantic relationships. It’s a formula that assures your first dates will mature into serious relationships, and your friends will turn into wonderful friendships. Here at SweetLuck™ we make it way easy to make friends and find romance.

What Is A "SweetList™"?

We suggest you start out at SweetLuck™ by creating a fun and unique profile where you can create a "SweetList™”. Anytime you rate a potential date favorably, he or she is notified. If they respond with a "SweetRequest™, that means that they also think you are hot. Upon your acceptance of the request, they will be added to your "Sweet List™," and you will be added to theirs. You can also create a Friend List where you can keep all your cool friends. Here you can keep members who you think are not quite dating material yet but more like pals. You can also keep first dates that bombed. Lastly, you can keep all your old friends including college buddies and work buddies. Try Uploading your favorite videos to your profile and sharing them with friends. Send a video-mail to introduce yourself to single women and men whom you like to chat with. If you see someone that is not quite your type, but will be perfect for your friend, why not suggest a "Hook-Up." Grow your "SweetList™" or "Friend List" as big as you like.

Chat Rooms

According to recent online dating surveys, the one thing that singles find most frustrating about online dating is the fact that it can be a very time consuming process. Some free dating sites only allow users to send electronic winks, pokes and emails. These features by themselves, while well-intentioned can often exacerbate the problem and delay the dating process. The back and forth winks, pokes and emails can go for weeks without any real-time interaction that may ultimately lead to discouragement and frustration. That is why aside from emails, we also provide you with the opportunity to invite a potential date to carry on a conversation in real time via our chat rooms. You no longer have to wait for weeks for a response. Finding a date can be complicated and time consuming. In today's fast pace world email alone just does not cut it. Emails are very helpful in narrowing down a potential match, however nothings beats the convenience of getting to know a potential date online without having to worry about giving out your telephone number until you are ready. Chatting in real time allows you to observe your potential date's social interaction skills, reasoning techniques and basic level of communication by the choice of words used to express themselves. This allows you to literally see if you and that person share that elusive chemistry. Within minutes of chatting you can gather enough information to know if this person will be boring or witty thus allowing you insight into this person's personality, that is something that no winks, pokes or emails could ever do.

Let’s face it, only you know what you are physically and mentally attracted to. What our unique matching system is designed to do however, is maximize your chances of being successfully paired with the right individual. Our formula is based on many factors including your mutual inner energy. Once we match you with the core Cupid fundamentals, we then allow you to get a solid idea of what your date will be like before meeting them in person. We allow you to avoid all those uncertainties. We give you an opportunity to interact in real time. We highly recommend utilizing our chat rooms; it is a very cool feature to lessen first date anxiety and disappointments.

What's With the Forums?

Your potential connections are not just limited to emails and live chat rooms. You can also for instance, start a thread and spark a fun debate or conversation in one of our many forums, post an event and invite other hot singles. There are very interesting topics of conversations in our forums, anything from dating etiquette to gay dating. Rate other members and share your rating with your friends. Check out our unique compatibility love calculator to help you spot your next boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or your new best friend. Share or read fun dating articles and get relationship and dating advice from other members. Read and share fun dating stories and see if you can hook up with someone with similar experiences. SweetLuck™ looks forward to bringing you many cool and exciting ways to find a date. Join us and find out for yourself why this free dating site is creating such a huge buzz among singles!